Sun, 8 Jan, 2012
Going the distance

Going the distance

I need to tell you how Kelvin Price (Agency Principal) from Avis Pietermaritzburg turned a very difficult situation around, going beyond what would normally be expected.

On 29 May I ran the Comrades with a friend, and our spouses travelled with as supporters. We travelled in a Nissan Navara double cab… my friend and I both finished the race, but afterwards my backpack was stolen from my wife who was at the stadium in Pietermaritzburg. The contents included the car keys! It was late on  a Sunday afternoon, we were an hour from our hotel in the Midlands and could not leave the car in the street at the stadium at night. On top of it all, the cellphone network had problems so communication was impossible

…Nissan could only get a new key to us by Tuesday. My PA decided to phone Avis PMB which is how Kelvin enters the picture. He spent most of his Sunday evening sorting us out – he drove from his home to the Oval, to meet with us and get his head into the problem. He arranged a tow-away service (to get the car to a safe place) and drove us to PMB airport where he personally oversaw us renting an Avis car. After that he drove in front of us to show us the quickest route out of PMB. He arranged that the car was kept in a safe place on Monday, while my friend sorted out a new car key.

I want to extend my sincerest thanks to Kelvin and recognize that he went beyond the call of duty. Kelvin was our hero on the day!