Wed, 28 Mar, 2012
Your Stories

Errol tries harder

Having just seen your TV advert about “Errol" running out of petrol, I felt I just had to tell you my story.

On Friday, 20th January 2012 I hired a car from the Port Elizabeth Airport, as I had to drive to East London. In East London I parked the car and never used it again until Monday, 23rd of January 2012 when I left the hotel to drive back to the PE airport. About 30kms from the airport I ran out of fuel. Who would think of checking the level after only having used the car once?

I phoned the Airport and told them my predicament and that I had a plane to catch (check in time was now 1 hour away). I doubted we would get fuel and get to the airport in time. 20 minutes later my son, also coming back from East London stopped to help. He said he would wait at the car and we could take his to the airport. Just as we had finished transferring our cases into his car a red Avis car drove across the freeways' centre island and parked next to us. I think the driver’s name was Bashir.

Within a minute he had wrung the neck of a water bottle to make a funnel, put a stick in the petrol cap to hold it open and filled it with 5 litres. Very fast and very efficient, and he had obviously done it before. We left immediately and arrived at the airport with two minutes to spare, we couldn’t believe we had managed to still make it. I mentioned it at the Avis counter and asked them to pass on my thanks. Of course now I am a little embarrassed that the name “Errol” might forever be associated in Avis folklore with running out of fuel and the next time I hire a car they will say "ahh Errol, I think you should take a 5 litre container of fuel with you" or worse they might charge me a higher premium. Needless to say I was impressed. You certainly did try harder and I cannot get over the coincidence of an advert appearing with an “Errol” in it. You didn't come up with it after my escapade did you?