Thu, 5 Apr, 2012
My Avis Family

Mrs Avis saves the day

What I saw at a Spar in Jozie touched me and gave me back some trust in humanity. I was standing in line at the till, about four people from the front of the line. At the counter stood an old black man busy buying a half a loaf of bread – you could see he has been treated harshly by life as he was wearing dilapidated clothing, the years has cut the character deep into his face and his hands were trembling of the cold (about 3-4 degrees Celsius at the time). As he was counting his coins to pay for the half-loaf he realized he just did not have enough to afford the half-loaf and was picking up the coins to put back in his pocket. The teller immediately started to reverse the transaction as she knew he could not pay, she called the manager to cancel the transaction on the till. Suddenly the girl behind him in line, that was wearing the easily recognisable red jacket with her Avis name tag on looked at the till, saw the amount outstanding, looked at the man, paused, and put her hand in her own purse and pulled out some coins. Some conversation ensued but I could not make it out as I was too far from the till but I can only think that she had paid the outstanding amount and the man thank her as he could have his half-loaf now. As the man walked off I realized that if would not even have made a dent in my pocket to do the same for the poor man but I was beaten to the punch by a kind-hearted woman, a absolute lady and a really nice person. Thanks Mrs Avis!