Wed, 7 Mar, 2012
My Avis Family

My Avis Family

My Son, Richard is on a contract in Cape Town and his company arranged for a monthly rental from Avis for him. On the 7th of March at around 23:00 I received a panicked call from Richard.  He was on his way back from an action cricket match when a pedestrian crossed the highway in front of him and he swerved and hit the barrier. My heart almost stopped when I heard this.  He was more worried about the car than anything else. After making sure he was not hurt, I asked him to call the Avis Customer Care number, report the accident and ask to arrange for a replacement vehicle. It was after hours so the call from Customer Care went straight through to Ganief Rylands (VRV RSA).  He was off shift, but being a 24hour call centre he answered straight away. He first asked Rich if he was ok. He advised him to get out of the vehicle as he was not in a safe place and to stand between the double barriers.  Urban Towing was then dispatched as their depot is very close to where the incident happened and they were literally there within 5 minutes. He contacted me again at 23:53 to let me know that he was at the Cape Town airport and they were arranging for a vehicle exchange.

I just wanted to share this with you, as it brings me to tears that my “Avis Family” took such great care of “My own family”.

It makes me even more proud to be a Brand Ambassador of such a great company.

Thank you