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At Avis, we value feedback - good or bad. While this campaign centres around our desire to hear about your experiences of Avis Trying Harder, you may also use the template to tell us when we did not get it right.


Listening to and reading about the experiences of our customers helps us to recognise and reward great performance. We use these stories to learn more about what customers enjoy and recognise as service excellence, which in turn helps us to drive service standards even higher.


At Avis we believe that best can always be bettered. Your participation in “Tell us your story” is another element in our journey of service excellence.


Thank you for participating and for renting from Avis.

Sun, 8 Jan, 2012
Middle of nowhere

If the Middle of Nowhere isn’t your destination, we’ll make sure you don’t stay there.

This is Jeff’s Avis Trying Harder moment. He and his two friends were on their way to a wedding. 

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The only problem was, the wedding was far away. And we mean far! On their journey, Jeff ran out of petrol right outside the little, very isolated village of …urfdorp. Unfortunately while there were three butcheries, 7 churches and a taxidermist in …urfdorp, (which is great if you need boerewors or an impala to mount on your wall), there was not a single petrol station in sight. Vusi from Avis responded to their call and immediately set off to help them, even though it was his day off. No one wants to spend a night in …urfdorp, even if you’re from …urfdorp, so we’ll try our hardest to make sure you don’t stay there.

In Recognition of: Avis Bloemfontein


Fri, 30 Dec, 2011
Jenny's flat tyre

Jenny's flat tyre

Jenny happened to not be an Avis customer, but that’s all changed now.

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You see, Jenny was recently stranded on the side of the road with a flat tyre between East London and Port Elizabeth. We had a team of Avis Brand Ambassadors on the same road on their way to a conference.

The Avis team spotted Jenny and immediately pulled over to provide assistance. In no time they had her tyre fixed and even though they were 20 minutes late for their conference, it was worth every second of delay.

This just goes to show that at Avis, you don’t need to be a customer to be treated like one.

Thu, 3 Nov, 2011


On 3 November 2011 I was lost and desperate for assistance looking for a competitor car hire office at OR Tambo International Airport.

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I must add that I had gone twice around the airport at this stage and was worried that I was going to miss my flight to East London at 19h00.

At around 18h00 I eventually got to the Avis car rental return office and requested assistance. Without any hesitation a gentleman got up and obviously saw the desperation in my eyes. He offered to take me to the competitor car hire office which meant that we had to go around the airport for yet another time but he directed me to the place I was looking for. The poor man had his left arm in a sling and it was evident that he was in pain, yet he was on duty and elected to assist me.

I really want to commend this person, who is now known to me as Pieter Geyser, employed by Avis Car Rentals at OR Tambo International Airport for his assistance. He is truly an ambassador for the company and most certainly enhances the image of Avis. It is truly a blessing to have persons of his caliber in your employment.

Thank You very much, I will always remember this person and be thankful to Avis.