The Avis People as Ambassadors of the Brand

Our People

At Avis, we believe that we are only as good as our people and that it is our people that make the difference to the customer experience, as opposed to the cars, locations and systems etc.

While all these other aspects will help, it is ultimately the people that will make the experience a great one, or a mediocre / poor one. This is why we refer to our people as Brand Ambassadors, for it is they who have the power to enhance or destroy the value of our brand.


With this in mind comes the culture that to look after our customers, we need to look after our people. We start this process by ensuring we recruit the best talent for our service and customer centric business. Once we have the right people on board, it is all about training, developing, leading, rewarding, caring and listening that makes their time with Avis worthwhile.


Avis spends an average of R4 800 per employee on training and development per annum, with a view to improve the skills and abilities of its people for personal growth and service excellence. We grow our own leaders and it is not uncommon to hear of Managers at Avis who had started their careers on the counter, call centres or in the vehicle preparation areas.


We remunerate ahead of the industry averages (using the SAVRALA Car Rental Salary Survey as one index) and include good employee benefits such as a strong provident fund topped up by the company, an Employee Wellbeing support program, medical aid assistance, full uniforms at company expense and a host of other initiatives.


The Avis Brand Ambassador program is a life changing experience for our staff. The connection and alignment that our people have with the brand and all it stands for, is very clear and strong within the first few months of employment.