An Overview of Sustainability at Avis

The Avis GreenPrint


At Avis, we are seriously concerned about the detrimental impact that business and mankind is have on the environment. We believe that we have to do business and live differently by reducing our negative impact on the environment, so as to sustain our planet for future generations. In this regard, Avis has entrenched a flexible and effective sustainability program which is constantly revised and gains momentum in our quest to reduce our load on the environment.


This is a journey, a journey with many instances of realisation and triumphs along the way and our people are excited and committed to our journey of sustainability at Avis.


The Avis Green Journey

The Avis ethos of conserving our heritage, wildlife and environment, was installed in the 1970’s, when our then MD, Glenn van Heerden committed Avis to the support and sponsorship of organisations dedicated to the conservation of wildlife.


Over the past 4 decades, Avis has been a strong supporter of the WWF, Wilderness Leadership School, the Peace Parks Foundation, SANParks, SA Wildlife College and contributed to many other related projects.


Since 2006, Avis management expanded its conservation approach to include other environmental matters, such as waste recycling and water conservation, which, following a program to introduce intensive water reduction and recycling processes into our facilities since 2008, has produced water recycling to over 85 million liters of water per annum (see details under water saving alongside). In addition, Avis was the first car rental company in SA to introduce Hybrid vehicle technology to the rental market in 2007.


In 2008, Avis committed to reducing and off-setting their own business GHG emissions and in 2009, became South Africa’s first Carbon Neutral accredited company in accordance with UN protocol. In 2008, our appointment of a dedicated Sustainability Manager took our efforts to a new height, internalising the energy and increasing our company’s effort and focus on real change in the areas of our business that works against the ethos of sustainable and environmentally friendly business practice.