Customer Service

Customer Care

The Avis Vision is “To Exceed Customers' Expectations at Every Interface”

This may sound like a cliché but at Avis it is not. It is an outcome which each and every Avis Brand Ambassador strives to achieve and is trained to do. The reason is quite simple; we believe it is every customer’s right to receive excellent service. Our people are the key to service excellence and thus we spend a lot of time and effort on them (see Our People for more).


Each Avis employee also undergoes a two day “Brand Ambassador” program, which further aligns the individual to the values and brand promises of the organisation. The program also helps each individual to identify and achieve their own true purpose and full potential in life.


The development of the Avis Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) in 2003 was a first for the industry. Today, Avis conducts over 3,500 interviews each month with its customers, to learn more about service delivery improvement areas so as to drive the right internal behaviour by way of benchmarking, training and incentivising staff to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.


As a result, Avis has become renowned for its high standard of service levels within the industry and will continue to drive this element of output, thereby differentiating itself from its competitors and becoming one of South Africa’s truly customer centric organisations.