Avis donates child safety seats to save childrens lives

Child Safety Seat

Avis continues to stand behind one of their brand promises ‘people are more important than cars’ by providing nonprofit organisation Drive More Safely, with child safety seats.

The tragedy of losing her eldest son in a motor vehicle accident left Alida Jones, CEO and founder of Drive More Safely, with an unrivalled determination to make a difference on South African roads. After the accident Jones started a non-profit organisation, ‘Drive More Safely’ with the aim to train and educate road users through the production of a magazine, a learner driver training centre and providing affordable learner and driver license training to the underprivileged.

In the latest of many projects driven by Jones, has been recently launched, The Child Safety in the vechile campaign,which calls for the donation of used child safety seats that can be used to help more families transport their kids safely. "Research has found that a child from a low income family is five times more likely to be killed on the road, than a child from a high income family. This is partly due to the use of car seats and how they reduce the risk of child injury by up to 82%, and the risk of death by 28%", comments Jones

Avis operations executive, Corne Langenhoven, adds "Avis is humbled to help where possible and to provide support in making travelling safer for children and salutes Alida Jones in her honourable and dedicated work."

‘Drive More Safely’ collects used children’s car seats and makes sure that all the car seats are in good repair before distributing them to less fortunate families. "I am so grateful for the support from Avis as they have been very supportive and generous in assisting and making this campaign a success," concludes Jones